Sunday, February 29, 2004

How can something be the best thing and the worst thing in the world at the same time?
I just got home from seeing my father, and my mom and sister and some other relatives as well.
My dad has been in a nursing home for a few weeks now…he was in assisted living for a year but they recently gave my mom 30 days to get him out.
The last time I saw my father he was sleeping all the time, incontinent and barely communicating. Now in the nursing home he no longer speaks, he makes faces that scare the hell out of me and the only time he seemed like my dad was when he was asleep. He snored and for the first time in my life the sound that used to drive me more crazy than anything else was the most comforting sound I have ever heard.
I feel sad and most likely always will because I probably told my father I love him more in the past week when it seems like he has the mental capacity of an infant than I did in my whole life prior…my adult life at least.
This has changed my life.
I now know I need to be glad for what I had. Glad for what I have. And take better advantage of the time I have left.

How’s that for a start?

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I'm getting on a plane in 16 hours to go see my father for what will most likely be the last time.
If the plane doesn't crash I'll probably post something from the ride or at least while I'm there.
I'm sure I'll be full of new insights when I get back.

J-Bird Out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Washington Post Blog Article

I thought this was interesting....the Dr. Seuss version of Lord of the Rings is worth the read alone!

Friday, February 13, 2004


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

There are dreams I have
Summer into fall I go
By winters end had

Monday, February 09, 2004

Pop Quiz

While doing an online quiz I just had a revelation of sorts.

I usually tend to make the wrong choice and say damn I shoulda gone with my first instinct, that woulda been right. Well this time I stopped myself before I clicked the one I thought was right of the 4 answers on the multiple choice question I was answering and debated for a second going with the one I thought because it sounded right or the one I thought was right on instinct before thinking about it.
Went with instinct.
Got it right.
Theory proved.
Case closed.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Live and up to the minute... ...



(did you go beep beep beep ... beep beep beep in your head?)

General (ret.) Westley Clark's presidential campaign caravan was pulled over for speeding. They were doing 88mph in a 75mph zone. All of the drivers in the caravan received $150 tickets.

If You Can Read This, I Can Slam On My Brakes And Sue You
Jesus Loves You, The Rest Of Us Think You're An Idiot.
Forget World Peace -- Visualize Turning Off Your Turn Signal!
Where There's A Will...I Want To Be In It!
Ever Stop To Think, And Forget To Start Again?
I Have The Body Of A God .......... Buddha
This Would Be Really Funny If It Weren't Happening To Me
If We Quit Voting Will They All Go Away?
This Bumper Sticker Exploits Illiterates
Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway
Honk If Anything Falls Off
He Who Laughs Last Thinks Slowest
He Who Hesitates Is Not Only Lost, But Miles From The Next Exit