Tuesday, September 21, 2004

"The world expects too much in a year...and not enough in ten."
Quote from a PBS show tonight on Video Games.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Funny...I posted on Memorial Day...only fitting I’m here again on Labor Day.
Where has the summer gone?
I should be at the beach by now dammit!

Hmmm...no star trek reality suddenly happened since May. Nothing in fact other than more disappointment, disillusionment, depression and death.
Maybe now I am ready to go back to doing Art...if I was fueled by teen angst and rebellious youth in the past and then stopped because I seemed to have lost whatever it was inside that was driving me...I have certainly had enough pain dropped into my life lately to rekindle the artistic fire if such things really are the artists fuel.
Whatever it may be...I just need to find something to make it better.
I don’t want to feel like this all the time anymore.
Funny...the Neil Young song Helpless just came on the radio. Dunno who is singing it.
It’s weird when a song I’ve heard thousands of times...heck, I’ve probably even played Helpless more than a thousand times... and sing along with it every time... It’s funny how sometimes I suddenly hear the words to the song.
And on that note (xpn just told me it was K.D. Lang) ...I think I’m gonna go sit and cry a while.