Friday, December 08, 2006

So I'm sitting here at my computer this morning having the last smoke in my pack and debating if it'll be my last smoke period...I need to quit.
I put out the smoke thinking it was the last one.

I don't think much of the cops that just went flying up the street and the volunteer firemen on the way to the station going in the other direction.
A minute or two later I smell some funky smoke so I reach over to the ash tray and start doing a better job of crushing out the butt. But the more I look...the less I think the butt was still smouldering.
So I reach over to the curtain and pull it aside...and I can't see out the window...looks like the view out a plane window when you're going through clouds.
I realize it's not a smouldering I throw on shoes and coat and head out.
I start walking towards town and can barely see

I turn the corner

Yup...the store in town where I buy my ON FIRE!

I wouldn't want this guy's job!

I think they shoulda waited for the guy to climb down the ladder before turning on the BIG hose!

a cool shot (imnsho)

And the rest:

So...was that fates way of telling me I really should quit smoking today?