Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"We don't know what causes cancer"

Ros' doctors said that to her. Doctors have been saying that for 30 or 40 years now since they started figuring out what cancer is. I watched a doctor on tv over the weekend who had lived through cancer herself who responded to that with, "Well why the hell not?" She also said, "Honestly, doctors don't know what causes most diseases."
She used aspirin and a headache as an analogy...
When you have a headache you take an aspirin.
The aspirin makes the headache go away.
But what caused the headache in the first place? Was it your body’s lack of aspirin?
I’m glad Ros doesn’t need chemotherapy or radiation...”Did your body develop cancer from a lack of chemotherapy?” the tv doctor asked. She went on, “Radiation. All your life they told you radiation causes cancer and now they are telling you it will cure it?” She kept calling them (radiation and chemo) poison.
And Ros was reading some stuff last week about how she shouldn’t have let them take out her ovaries, “Just to be on the safe side” because that really messes her up hormonally for the rest of her life. Osteoporosis and stuff.
She (the tv Doc.) made 2 main points...
Drink 10 glasses of water a day.
Eat more fruits and veggies and grains and less meats and processed stuff (less meaning none I think).
I’m pretty sure her book also talks about changing your attitude...removing the ridiculous stress from our lives.
She said something else I thought was really interesting. She said there have been studies done to show that diet is like the number one thing for good health. The one she was talking about was about Chinese women who had a low incidence of heart disease and breast cancer (once again, low I believe meaning pretty much none) whose diet consisted of rice, vegetables and some fish. But once those groups of women were exposed to the ‘Western diet’ which I guess is burgers and pizza the get breast cancer etc. at the same rates as everyone else.

So that’s it...we all need to spend our lives doing things that make us happy and eating nuts and berries.


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